The Unconventional Freelancer Mentorship.

One of my personal projects over the past couple years is the Unconventional Freelancer Mentorship. It was first a seventy page ebook that grew into a course which grew into a twelve-week mentorship.
Although there’s more advice on freelancing out there than ever before, the competing and contradictory information makes it hard for freelancers to pick out the right way forward.
Make content to attract clients. Don’t make content, email clients directly. Start a blog. Don’t waste time blogging. Make #everydays on social media and get rich like Beeple. Don’t waste time on social media. Charge a day rate. Don’t charge day rates, use value-based pricing… etc.

This is where the mentorship comes in. I work with you, over twelve weeks using the framework of a course I designed and wrote, to figure out what’s your best way forward both with freelance work and personal creative work. Students have ranged from illustrators to graphic designers to animators.

If you’re interested, walk a little further with me: